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May . 10 . 2023
Regarding the visit of our two clients from Kosovo to our Keluck company, we had very friendly negotiations which further strengthened our cooperation. We had fruitful discussions about the progress and development of our existing project, as well as expl
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KELUCK team-building activity
May . 06 . 2023
KELUCK company values positivity, hard work, enthusiasm, responsibility, and dedication, emphasizing the importance of a positive work attitude for a happy life.
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Mar . 05 . 2023
Raw materials

Every tire may look similar, but tires are so diverse in terms of their internal structure, rubber constituents, shape and design that it would even be possible to say that every tire is different. Each tire is made up of more than 100 ki
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Mar . 05 . 2023
Tire storage

Avoid direct sunlight
Ultraviolet light causes rubber to degenerate. Store tires in a dark place under cover to avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid rain and moisture
This can cause the rubber to deteriorate and the steel cord inside the t
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425/65R22.5 445/65R22.5 TYRES BIG TRAILER
Nov . 16 . 2022
Quality tyres --keluck tyre supply!
Truck oil tanker tire trailer tyre
425/65R22.5  BY588
445/65R22.5  BY588
* Excellent drive and grip performance
Big block and deeper groove design provide good driving force and climbing force off the road.
* L
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